Insurance & Payment

We know how important bariatric surgery is to you. It can be a matter of life and death. That’s why we’ll do everything in our power to help you qualify for insurance coverage. And if insurance won’t pay, we’ll help you find an affordable way to pay for surgery.

Bariatric surgery is covered by most insurance companies. Sometimes it takes evidence and additional documentation to get approval for medical weight loss surgery. We have experienced insurance experts who know how to provide proof that your surgery is a medical necessity.

Insurers need to understand that we’re treating a life-threatening disease. They need to know that you have not chosen bariatric surgery for cosmetic reasons, but to reduce or eliminate disease, joint damage, and the negative impact on your life expectancy. By providing the medical facts about your situation, we can present convincing reasons for medical weight loss surgery.

Be aware though, that gastric banding and gastric sleeve surgeries are fairly new procedures and are sometimes not covered by insurance companies. Over time, as long-term data becomes available, we expect more insurance companies to cover these life-changing bariatric surgeries.

Even if you have no insurance coverage, you have options.

CHI St. Joseph Health offers self-pay plans that can help even when your insurance company won’t pay. We’d like to help you find a way to fit this vital treatment into your budget.

In cases where you don’t qualify for insurance coverage, or if your plan has a bariatric surgery exclusion, we offer a reduced surgery package that can make your medical weight loss procedure much more affordable. Let’s not allow cost to keep you from getting the life-saving help you need.

Don’t wait. Money should not be an issue that keeps you from getting help. Get in touch with us today.