Sports Medicine

“Dr. Zissimos knows what he’s doing. He knows athletes and how to get them back to their sport –fast.”  ~Santiago Lopez, Patient

When a joint injury or disease stops you from competing, it takes an expert in orthopedic sports medicine to make an accurate diagnosis and develop a treatment plan that works fast to get you back in the game. The sports medicine physicians of CHI St. Joseph Health are experts.

Our sports medicine physicians understand that athletes are different. They are driven by an unquenchable enthusiasm for their sport. Athletes are in tune with their bodies and willing to work hard to recover and get back to competing.

CHI St. Joseph Health sports medicine doctors have the specialized knowledge and experience it takes to help you recover fast and come out stronger than ever and puts you in control.

Resources for athletes who are driven to get back to their sport.

CHI St. Joseph Health orthopedic sports medicine resources include a sports medicine clinic located adjacent to CHI St. Joseph Health Orthopaedic Associates in College Station, and a state-of-the-art sports medicine and athletic training center right on the campus of Texas A&M University that is staffed by a sports medicine physician and athletic trainers. We have the sports medicine physicians, support staff and equipment you’ll need to get back to your sport quickly, safely, and stronger than ever.

“Dr. Iero and his team valued my health and they valued my athleticism. They got me back in the game and I’m stronger than ever!”

-Meshach Joshua, Patient

CHI St. Joseph Health Sports Medicine
2803 Earl Rudder Fwy, Suite 102
College Station, TX 77845

Athletic Training

The first step in recovery process is to discover the extent and severity of an injury by being assessed by an Athletic Trainer.

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Sports Therapy

When a joint injury or disease stops you from competing, it takes an expert in orthopedic sports medicine to guide the healing process in a way that respects your athleticism and your competitive drive.

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Saturday Sports Injury Clinic

If your child is a middle or high school student who recently experienced a sports injury, we can help.

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