Life After Surgery

Q: When will I be able to resume my regular activities?

A: While joint replacement recovery varies with age, overall health, and lifestyle, most patients should be able to resume normal activities between two and six weeks after surgery. Activities such as golf, tennis, and swimming may be resumed as directed by your surgeon. Your doctor can give you a joint replacement recovery timeline designed just for you.


Q: How do I care for my new joint?

A: Follow all instructions from your orthopedic surgeon. In general, the following guidelines will help with your joint replacement recovery:

  • Keep wound clean and dry
  • Notify your surgeon of any physical changes, including excess pain and swelling
  • Fully participate in physical therapy and any exercises that your surgeon prescribes for your recovery period
  • Have regular checkups with your orthopedic surgeon and follow the joint replacement precautions given to you


Q: How much exercise is too much?

A: During your joint replacement recovery, strengthening exercises are important. If you notice increased joint swelling, decreased joint movement, or continuous pain following exercise, you should notify your surgeon or physical therapist. Muscle soreness, however, is expected following exercise.

Q: Is there any special long-term care required with my new joint?

A: Following your joint replacement recovery you may be advised by your doctor to follow these recommendations:

  • Annual visits with your orthopedic physician
  • Antibiotic therapy prior to any dental work or surgery
  • Healthy lifestyle, including proper diet and exercise
  • Avoidance of high-impact activities

Your joint replacement recovery timeline will be unique to you. And the life of any implant will depend on weight, age, activity level, and other factors.


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