Lung Nodule Clinic

A lung nodule is an abnormal growth on the lungs that can be cancerous or benign. Nodules are fairly common and often found incidentally on imaging done for other reasons.

CHI St. Joseph Health has developed a comprehensive Lung Nodule Clinic to evaluate patients who are identified as having an incidental nodule. The Fleischner Scale (guidelines for classification of lung nodules) is used to determine the risk of malignancy and type of follow-up needed. Identified patients are reviewed by the Pulmonologist and results and recommendations for follow-up care are communicated to the Primary Care Physician. The Lung Health Navigator monitors and coordinates care based on these recommendations.

Lung Nodule Clinic Care Team

Joseph Brading, MD, Pulmonology

Megan Martin, RT(R)(CT)(M), Lung Health Navigator

Misti Chapman, MSCPM, RT(R)(T), Director Cancer Center / Oncology Service Line

Mark Kicklighter, Market Director, Imaging Services