Community Benefit

CHI St. Joseph Health is a health system devoted to serving the people living in the Brazos Valley region of Texas. We believe in treating every person with respect and dignity while offering personalized service. We’re committed to helping our community stay healthy.

As a not-for-profit system, we look for and invest in ways to continually give back to our community. It’s our mission to serve, and serving includes so much more than the healthcare we provide at our various locations.

We believe that health and well-being thrive in strong, friendly communities.

Healthy communities breed healthy individuals. That’s why CHI St. Joseph Health invests resources in making our community a better place to live. Schools, community organizations, health education and other vital resources are where we consistently devote our attention.

Here are reports of our community activities and investments over the past several years.

2013 Community Benefit Report for St. Joseph Regional Health Center (PDF)

2013 Community Health Needs Assessment - Brazos Valley Regional Report (PDF)

2014 Community Health Needs Assessment - Austin County (PDF)

2014 Community Benefit Report for St. Joseph Regional Health Center (PDF)

2015 Community Benefit Report (PDF)

2016 Community Assessment Report for Brazos Valley (PDF)

2016 CHI St. Joseph Health Hospital Implementation Strategy

2017 Community Benefit Report (PDF)