Why Choose Us?

We’re passionate about medical weight loss at CHI St. Joseph Health of Bryan, Texas, and we care deeply about helping you make this transformation. Our love for the people who live in the Brazos Valley region of Central Texas drives our desire to help our neighbors get healthy. Our entire bariatric team is devoted to getting you well again, from running our office to make sure that you're never kept waiting longer than 15 minutes, to empowering you to make informed decisions. Learn why CHI St. Joseph Health is the best choice for your weight loss journey.

We Were the First and are the Most Experienced

We were the first surgical weight loss program in the Brazos Valley and are the most successful with a proven track record. Patients are cared for by a compassionate and caring team that includes experienced surgeons, bariatric-certified nurses, registered dieticians, and physical therapists. Having performed thousands of procedures, our program is nationally certified and meets the highest standards for safety and outcomes.

We Help Patients Find the Right Fit

We design a personal approach to ensure your comfort and privacy, getting to know each patient personally, so we can fully assess his or her individual needs. We provide highly individualized care, delivered with respect and compassion. Your preferences will be respected by our team as you journey through this extremely important experience. Offering multiple treatment options, our experts will work with patients’ insurance companies to verify eligibility.

We Provide a Safe, In-Hospital Experience

A hospital setting provides the maximum level of care and gives patients access to the full spectrum of care. Patients can have confidence in highly experienced surgeons and a trusted care provider. Our hospital is easily accessible, so patients don’t have to travel long distances for quality care.

We Support Patients at Every Step

We evaluate, counsel and support our patients before, during, and after surgery. We understand that surgery is just the first step toward a better life. That’s why we are here for the duration to prepare patients for surgery, perform flawless procedures and then guide them through the post-surgery process of lifestyle change and planning to support weight loss, a healthy lifestyle change and long-term success. Knowledgeable support groups are available to help patients through the process, and patients can also take advantage of a Wellness Center membership.

The heartwarming testimonials of our bariatric patients tell the story best. Click here to read them.

We’d love to talk with you about your goals and desires for your life, and the questions that are on your mind about bariatric surgery. The caring team at CHI St. Joseph Health is excited to meet with you!

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