ReShape Dual Balloon

CHI St. Joseph Health now offers a new option for adults who do not qualify for weight loss surgery. The ReShape Dual Balloon is an option for those with a BMI of between 30-40 who haven’t succeeded at weight loss with diet and exercise alone.

The approximately 20-minute non-surgical procedure, performed by Dr. John Mason, is the first step of a 12-month program to a healthier lifestyle. Comprehensive dietary support and follow-up is done at Dr. Mason’s office and is integrated into established bariatric patient management, in order to achieve successful weight loss. Currently in the Brazos Valley, the ReShape Integrated Dual Balloon is available only through Dr. Mason’s office at CHI St. Joseph Health.

The ReShape Procedure includes individual nutrition and exercise coaching from Dr. Mason’s weight loss team and access to the innovative ReShape Patient Portal that provides a unique experience as patients track their food intake, exercise and weight loss. The portal includes an online support community where patients can interact with each other and receive helpful tips and healthy recipes. ReShape also provides patients with support tools including a portion plate to kick start behavior modification, a wireless Fitbit® scale and a Fitbit activity tracker that automatically sync to the patient portal.

The ReShape Dual Balloon is a next generation technology designed to enhance performance of an intragastric balloon. In a recent U.S. study, patients that had the ReShape Procedure lost 2.3 times as much weight as a control group that received diet and exercise coaching only. In a study of the ReShape Procedure in commercial use in Europe, ReShape patients on average lost 32 pounds, or 47% of their excess weight at six months and maintained 98% of their weight loss at one year.