“As an athlete, I needed to get the use of my knee back. Dr. Iero did exactly what he said he would and I’m very pleased!”

Tony Scazzero

Procedure: Total Knee Replacement
Surgeon: Dr. Joseph Iero 


Q: Why did you elect to have the surgery?

A: I lead a very active lifestyle, but my knee was not what it used to be. After playing football and lacrosse in college, semi-pro baseball, some basketball and fast pitch softball, the cartilage in my knee was disappearing and the pain was increasing.

It was quite a shock for me to not be able to do the things I used to. But at that point, I couldn’t even walk without pain. I knew I had to do something.

Q: How was your experience with CHI St. Joseph Health and Dr. Joseph Iero?

A: When it came time to find a surgeon, I looked for someone who had experience with athletes. Most athletes are much more in tune with their bodies than non-athletes. We tend to recover quicker. We’re enthusiastic about getting back to an active lifestyle. Working with a doctor who understands that is important.

Dr. Iero had worked with some of the lacrosse players I’d coached, and I was impressed. By the time I met with Dr. Iero and he explained what he wanted to do, I was quite confident. I had complete faith that he would do exactly what he said. And he did!

Q: How did CHI St. Joseph's Health Joint University program impact your care?

A: CHI St. Joseph’s Health Joint University helped prepare me for what to expect. The preparation was outstanding. They took extra care to explain things and had everything mapped out. I was very, very pleased with the front end of it. It was good to know what was going to happen.

The entire orthopedics group and the hospital staff worked together like a cohesive team. Everybody did their part, and the end result is very good.

Q: How is life after surgery?

A: I’m so glad I went through with the surgery. The follow-up was excellent, and I move around good now. It’s wonderful to be able to do things again!

Q: What would you tell others who are considering surgery?

A: When people ask about my experience I admit that it was a major upheaval that truly affected my life, but Dr. Iero and his team made it go as smoothly as it could have. It’s amazing what they can do! Outstanding! I have a lot of respect for those people!