“I’m very happy with the results. Now, when I go to the lake to enjoy my family, nothing hurts!”

Mildred Jones

Procedure: Total Hip and Knee Replacements
Surgeon: Dr. Joseph Iero


Q: Why did you elect to have the surgery?

A: Joint pain is a hurt like nothing else. I have six kids, ten grandchildren, and ten great grandchildren. I’m very close to all of them, and I want to be healthy. I want to enjoy time with them. A lot of the things we do are at the lake house. Water skiing, fishing, and boating. I just love the outdoors!

I wanted to still be able to get on the boat and go for a ride, fish, and enjoy my family without hurting all the time. I was ready to get help; to have the pain gone.

Q: How was your experience with CHI St. Joseph Health and Dr. Joseph Iero?

A: I am 90 years old and I’ve had both knees and both hips replaced. I’ve been going to St. Joe's since I was little, so the decision on where to go was easy. I have no complaints about the way I’m treated there. I have so much confidence in Dr. Iero, and the whole staff – they are the best!

The physical therapy people got me prepared to go home, and showed me how to do the things I needed to do like getting in and out of cars and handling steps. The occupational therapists taught me a lot of tricks on how to avoid extra bending and moving in the wrong direction, all to avoid hurting myself while I healed.

I don’t believe I’ve ever been in any other doctor’s office that is run so smoothly as Dr. Iero’s. They know what to ask. They’re polite. They take care of you, and they don’t keep you waiting.

Q: How is life after surgery?

A: When you’re in pain, sometimes you wait longer than you should to get help. But when that help is just what you need, it’s a great relief. I’m grateful for joint replacement surgery and how far it’s come. I do believe that, without the hip and knee replacements, I would be unable to go anywhere. I’m very happy with the results. Now, when I go to the lake to enjoy my family, nothing hurts!

Q: What would you tell others who are considering surgery?

A: I tell people about St. Joe's and Dr. Iero all the time! I also tell them not to wait so long. With a hip replacement, you get immediate relief. I have great admiration for Dr. Iero. My kids like him too. They think he’s a great doctor and they like the way he takes his time and communicates everything. He really is tops!