“Knee replacement is a serious surgery that interrupts your life. But Joint University and Dr. Brazeal made it as seamless as possible.”

Katie Newberg

Procedure: Total Knee Replacement
Surgeon: Dr. Justin Brazeal 


Q: Why did you elect to have the surgery?

A: My knee was a mess, and I was in severe pain. I couldn’t climb steps, get out of the pool, or even walk without help. When knee pain begins affecting the quality of your life, it’s time to do something about it.

Q: How was your experience with CHI St. Joseph Health and Dr. Justin Brazeal?

A: When I met Dr. Brazeal I found him to be comfortable and confident. He is frank, open, and explains everything thoroughly. He’s a surgeon who actually encourages questions! He showed me the x-rays and explained exactly what he was going to do. I was able to move forward with confidence.

Q: What was your experience with CHI St. Joseph's Health Joint University?

A: For pre-op readiness, Joint University is exceptional. As an educator, I can tell you that this program is put together like nothing I’ve ever seen. They make sure patients know exactly what to expect. The notebook they gave me before my surgery had every single thing I needed. It included pre-op exercises to build muscle tone and improve results, what to expect the day of my surgery, an explanation of everything that would be taking place – and why.

CHI St. Joseph Health Joint University has the smoothest coordination of many people working together that I’ve ever seen. Everybody is on the same page. Even the way they manage pain in the hospital. They have an established protocol for everything, so the nurses didn’t have to call the doctor for every decision. The St. Joseph nurses, physical therapy team, the entire staff, are well-trained and the doctors trust them. That means there is no delay in getting patients what they need.

The Orthopaedics Associates team and hospital staff coordinated everything for me. Even blood draws at the clinic. It was all arranged for me. I only made one call to schedule my initial appointment with Dr. Brazeal. Then I was in the hands of the Joint University team.

Knee replacement is a serious surgery. It interrupts your life. But Joint University and Dr. Brazeal made it as seamless as possible.

Q: How is life after surgery?

A: Since my knee replacement I am much more flexible and more active. I’m able to go up and down stairs without pain. I can get in and out of the pool without help. I’ve even gone to New Orleans and walked all over the place – without pain.

Q: What would you tell others who are considering surgery?

A: When it’s time to do my other knee, I’m going right back. I recommend Dr. Brazeal and St. Joseph’s Joint University to everyone I have the chance to. And every one I know who has chosen them has been satisfied and would go back.