“Dr. Iero was an invaluable find! I have no more pain. My range of motion is back and I can play the violin again!”

Carol Whiting

Procedure: Rotator Cuff Repair 
Surgeon: Dr. Joseph Iero


Q: Why did you elect to have the surgery?

A: I was working full time as a middle school and high school orchestra teacher. And I was suffering from severe shoulder pain. The pain in my left shoulder kept me from playing the violin. And that is my favorite instrument!

Q: How was your experience with CHI St. Joseph Health and Dr. Joseph Iero?

A: When a surgeon has proven himself to you 13 times, there’s no question who you’ll turn to for your fourteenth surgery. Dr. Iero had already skillfully given me relief from pain in my knee, hands, and fingers. Thirteen surgeries in all, including a total knee replacement, and every one of them was a success. Dr. Iero was an invaluable find! He is very unique.

CHI St. Joseph Health is great because they focus on truly caring for their patients. The way the staff helped me prepare for surgery was excellent. It was very, very good. I appreciated going into the surgery so well-informed.

Q: How is life after surgery?

A: I’m very happy with the results. Glad I did it. I have no more pain and my range of motion is back. I can play the violin again!

Q: What would you tell others who are considering surgery?

A: I highly recommend Dr. Iero! He takes his time with you and there’s no feeling like you’re being rushed out the door. Absolutely every question I had was addressed quickly. When you call Dr. Iero’s office with a question, the nurse comes on the phone then gets answers from him right away. It’s quick and efficient. No waiting for an answer. No having to explain your question to three different people.