Carol Whiting

When a surgeon has proven himself to you 13 times, there’s no question who you’ll turn to for your fourteenth surgery. Dr. Iero had already skillfully given me relief from pain in my knee, hands, and fingers. Thirteen surgeries in all, including a total knee replacement, and every one of them was a success.
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Linda Scott

I couldn’t have asked for a better experience and outcome! Since my knee replacement I’ve had much more freedom. I am very happy with it! I can actually get down on the floor and back up again! I was bowling after four months. And dancing – yes, I am doing the Cupid Shuffle and playing dance games with my grandkids again!
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Alana Winklemann

I was determined to get my range of motion back, and I’m very pleased. I love being able to do it all again – without having to worry about pain. I’ve been playing for a long time. It is good exercise, it’s fun, and I really enjoy it. I’m grateful to be back at it!
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Tony Scazzero

Dr. Iero had worked with some of the lacrosse players I’d coached, and I was impressed. By the time I met with Dr. Iero and he explained what he wanted to do, I was quite confident. I had complete faith that he would do exactly what he said. And he did!
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Margaret Reuter

CHI St. Joseph Health has a special joint replacement wing. Joint surgery is their expertise and they know exactly what they’re doing. I felt so much better knowing that.
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Katie Newberg

For pre-op readiness, Joint University is exceptional. As an educator, I can tell you that this program is put together like nothing I’ve ever seen. They make sure patients know exactly what to expect. The notebook they gave me before my surgery had every single thing I needed.
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Santiago Lopez

When plantar faciitis grounded me from running, and even made walking painful, someone told me about the St. Joseph Athletic Training Center on campus at Texas A&M University.
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Rolf Larson

Our experience at CHI St. Joseph Health couldn’t have been smoother. I think the preparation going into it was perfect. Pre-registration was done before the day of surgery. I walked in, and everything was set up. They explained the process and what to expect. Dr. Zissimos’ staff already had my follow-up appointments set up. I didn’t even have to worry about that.
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Meshach Joshua

I’ve played lacrosse this year already. It was fun to be back! At first my speed was slower, but after working for a couple of weeks, I think I’m now stronger than before. I had some fear. But I wasn’t ready to leave lacrosse behind yet. And I’m so glad that Dr. Iero and his team were able to help me get back on the field.
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Mildred Jones

I am 90 years old and I’ve had both knees and both hips replaced. I’ve been going to St. Joe's since I was little, so the decision on where to go was easy. I have no complaints about the way I’m treated there. I have so much confidence in Dr. Iero, and the whole staff – they are the best! ...
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Melinda Green

Dr. Veazey and his entire staff make you feel so wonderful, like you’re the only patient they have to worry about. And the way they prepared me for the surgery was excellent. In fact – beyond excellent! From pre-registration, so we were all set when we arrived at the hospital, to telling me what to expect, right down to time-frames, pain management, and going home.
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