“Dr. Zissimos knows what he’s doing. He knows athletes and how to get them back to their sport – fast.”

Santiago Lopez

Procedure: Sports Therapy for Treatment of Plantar Faciitis
Orthopedic Doctor: Dr. Anthony Zissimos 


Q: Why did you seek treatment?

A: I had problems with my feet before and had seen several doctors, but received no definitive answers and no pain relief. When plantar faciitis grounded me from running, and even made walking painful, someone told me about the St. Joseph Athletic Training Center on campus at Texas A&M University. It’s an excellent resource for athletes, and it’s so convenient for me. When I found out that Dr. Zissimos, an orthopedic surgeon, actually spends time at the center, I had to go meet him.

Q: How was your experience with CHI St. Joseph Health and Dr. Anthony Zissimos?

A: Dr. Zissimos knows what he’s doing. He knows athletes and how to get them back to their sport – fast. I went and talked with Dr. Zissimos at the center. He saw in the x-ray that I had an old fracture in my foot.

Before I met Dr. Zissimos I tried to “run it out”, but that only made it worse. He gave me a stretching and ice therapy plan. He and the trainers worked with me for three weeks, and I really appreciate that. During my treatment, and even when I was well, he told me, “Don’t hesitate to ask for help.” – and I know he means that!

Q: How is life after sports therapy?

A: After three weeks of therapy at the Athletic Training Center, and following the advice of Dr. Zissimos, I was able to go back to running. And it didn’t hurt. Running didn’t make it worse after I ran, like it did before. It was great. I was so relieved to have the pain gone!

Q: What would you tell others who are considering surgery?

A: I tell every athlete I know about Dr. Zissimos and the training center. It’s a great resource and we’re lucky to have it right here on campus.