Joint University

“I’m an educator. I can tell you that Joint University is put together like nothing I’ve ever seen. They make sure patients know exactly what to expect. The notebook has every single thing before, during, and after surgery.

CHI St. Joseph Health Joint University is the smoothest coordination of many people working together that I’ve ever seen. Everybody is on the same page. Even the way they manage pain in the hospital. They have an established protocol for everything. The nurses didn’t have to call the doctor for every decision. The CHI St. Joseph Health nurses, physical therapy team, the entire staff, are well-trained and the doctors trust them. That means there is no delay in getting patients what they need.                  

~Katie Newberg, Patient

CHI St. Joseph's Health hospital for joint diseases was the first among hospitals and health systems in the Brazos Valley region to develop a seamlessly coordinated, patient-focused system for joint replacement that brings together joint doctors (orthopedic surgeons) in one of the most advanced programs for joint diseases in the nation. We call it Joint University.

If joint pain has been ruling your life, please don’t wait any longer. Our joint doctors will help you start living without pain while doing the things you want and need to do.

CHI St. Joseph's Health joint doctors and the support teams at Joint University know how to help you prepare for, plan, and recover from surgery with the least possible amount of interruption to your life.  

Contact CHI St. Joseph Health. Together, let’s discover if orthopedic surgery is your best solution. Then you can get back to doing all the things you need and want to do.